Today we rolled out a new search tool that lets you identify all the importers within a certain distance from any U.S zip code. This powerful new addition to our database allows customs brokerages, freight forwarders and logistics carriers to identify sales leads within a targeted region.  The search by distance from a zip code tool is easy to use: Simply type in a zip code and then enter a radius in miles, and Import Genius automatically returns a list of all ocean freight shipments bound for importers within that distance from the starting zip code.  For each shipment, you'll see the name and contact information for the consignee and shipper, description of the product as listed on the ocean freight bill of lading, number of units, weight, port of entry, port of departure, bill of lading number and more.  There are a multitude of uses for the new service, but the majority will have to do with lead generation for companies offering services to importers.  For example, a third party warehouse operator in Allentown, PA, can just type in his zip code and select a radius of 50 miles. Within a few moments he'll see a list of every importer in his region. He can download this list of potential customers into MS Excel, and then e-mail it on to his sales team so they can call each lead to offer their warehousing and fulfillment services.  Best of all, he won't be cold-calling these companies blind, but will instead have a detailed list of all their imported shipments, so he knows exactly the types of volumes they'll need warehousing for.  To learn more about how you can use zip code search, please give us a call to schedule a demo: 1-888-843-0272.