Import Genius contains vast troves of information about publicly traded companies, updated on a weekly basis instead the quarterly self-reporting that is standard on Wall Street. Not surprisingly, our clients include many of the world's most sophisticated hedge funds and groups formerly known as "investment banks."  Our data provide valuable insights into the economic sentiments of purchasing executives at the country's most important firms. While a company's imports may not tell you exactly what was sold, they do provide a unique insight into what the company expects to sell. As a result, the Import Genius database of U.S. Customs records serves as an important barometer of economic conditions.  In this short video, we show you how you can tap into our data to uncover insights about the success or failure of publicly traded companies. And don't worry. Even though this data is not available to the general pubic, the records are a matter of public record, so you won't have to worry about allegations of insider trading.  Investors: Use Customs Data to Analyze Public Companies Video Length: 1'56"  Investors and financial analysts are using our powerful tools to gain near real-time insights into the operating health of public companies. Learn how you can take your stock picking to the next level with Import Genius.