The new version of our flagship product, Import Scan, contains several major improvements to the usability and speed of the user interface.  The most important new feature, however, is the ability to save your searches, something users have been requesting almost since we launched back in 2007.  Now anytime you perform a search in our database, you'll have the option to not only download the results into MS Excel, but also to save the results of that search right on the web site.  The saved searches function makes it easy to keep track of your most important searches, so you can keep track of a particular company's imports, monitor shipments into a specific port, or identify sales prospects in a target region.  In addition to the ability to save your searches, users will also notice that the speed of the database has been improved dramatically with this new release. Thanks to dramatic improvements in our back-end search technology, you can now perform most searches in less than half a second.  We expect these new features, along with the improvements to the overall look and feel of the product, will let you find the data you're looking for more quickly and easily.