Needing visibility into the business activities of a select few companies?   Import Genius has launched a new subscription plan today that offers your business another option for monitoring the shipping activities of any three companies across all of our databases!

For only $99 per month, be the first to know when your target companies clear a shipment through customs in one of the countries that we track.

This new option provides data alternatives for your organization, giving you access to six months’ history for any three companies you choose to monitor.

As with all of our subscription plans, you’ll be able to set up email alerts, providing updates on the progressive activities of the companies you’re interested in; download pertinent information from our easy-to-use web application; request contact information for any of the companies found in our database; and connect with our 24-hour customer service agents.

If you need to keep track of additional companies, you can add these at any time for $49 per month per company, or consider one of our other subscriptions to research an unlimited number of companies’ shipment activities and increase the historical time frame over which you can access the data. We’re flexible and very supportive -- our goal is to help you get the business intelligence your company needs!

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