Gibson Energy Inc. and GT Logistics, L.L.C. made an official announcement this week that they are exploring the possibility of a joint venture to develop, build, and operate a storage terminal in Port Arthur, TX. The proposed storage terminal will be combined with GT Logistics’ recently built rail transloading facility with capabilities of barge loading for crude, natural gas liquids, and other similar products.  Gibson is a leading Canadian midstream energy company, having a major participation in the crude oil transportation business in the U.S. GT Logistics has designed, developed, and currently operates the GT OmniPort in Port Arthur, TX. The proposed storage terminal will come up on a 200-acre site in Port Arthur, which is a part of a larger 1,100-acre tract of land held by a GTL affiliate for multi-modal logistical development.  The site is well-suited because of its close proximity to the pipeline network and refining industry. A state of the art barge transloading facility has been recently commissioned on the site by GTL and is serviced by Union Pacific. The next stage of development would include construction of pipeline connections and tank storage for crude oil. The preliminary design, engineering and permitted studies have already been started by GTL, and the proposed joint venture is expected to commence storage terminal construction in 2013.  The proposed joint venture may receive existing crude rail to barge trans loading assets as a contribution by GTL. Gibson is looking forward to initiate immediate discussions with potential clients and subscribers for services at the proposed storage terminal. The facility would feature a multi barge receiving dock on Taylor’s Bayou, planned connectivity to the sprawling network of pipelines catering to the region, and convenient highway access.  Michael McGowan, vice-president business development of Gibson, says: “The strategic location of the storage terminal near the proposed terminus of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline, combined with a unit train capable crude receipt facility, would provide an excellent opportunity to expand Gibson’s integrated services in the United States. If the proposed joint venture proceeds and the storage terminal were to be completed, it would enable us to connect our access to crude and infrastructure at Gibson's Hardisty AB (Canada) hub with consumer markets in the Gulf Coast refinery complex.”  “Gibson’s operational expertise, as demonstrated at their terminals located at Hardisty and Edmonton AB combined with their long-standing producer and refiner relationships would ensure our ability to understand and appropriately address customer needs as we move forward together with development of the storage terminal,” says Bart Owens, GTL vice-president.  The talks between GTL and Gibson are currently at an initial, non-binding stage. GTL has provided Gibson with a period of exclusivity to enable Gibson to perform due diligence with respect to the proposed joint venture related to construction of the storage terminal.  About Gibson  One of the biggest midstream energy companies in Canada, Gibson is involved in the transportation, storage, processing, blending, distribution, and marketing of crude oil, natural gas liquids, condensate, and refined products. The company transports hydrocarbons by using its integrated network of pipelines, terminals, storage tanks, and truck fleet.  About GTL  GT Logistics is the designer, developer, and operator of the GT OmniPort in Port Arthur, TX. GT OmniPort is a multimodal liquids terminal and industrial park providing barge, rail, truck, pipeline, and deepwater transloading services at its 1,100-acre rail and barge terminal and its 20-acre deepwater dock.