Our new web site is finally live and you're looking at it right now. We've made a few changes to make it easier to understand what Import Genius does, and, more importantly, provided more public access to our data than ever before.  On the homepage there's a new "Instant Search" bar where you can type the name of any company to find out if they're in our database and get a quick overview of their shipping history and a sample shipping manifest. We think that giving the public more access to our data before they commit to a subscription will help us get the word out about what we offer.  We know from experience that once people do a demo and see for themselves, they're very likely to sign up. So the new site should be a win-win for the public and our business.  The Web site is also optimized to work nicely on your mobile phone or tablet computer. If you experience any problems with the new version, please let us know!!  P.S. The main application has not changed as part of this new roll-out, but stay tuned for a major overhaul in the weeks to come.