We just introduced updates to TradePulse, a free tool for analyzing trends in U.S. imports, that let you generate graphs for up to three full years of importing history for almost any product.  TradePulse lets you type a keyword to quickly generate a graph of every ocean freight shipping manifest with that term in the product description for the last 3 years.  If you haven’t used TradePulse before, go check it out at importgenius.com/pulse.  To help get the word out about today’s update to TradePulse, we’re giving away a free Google ChromeBook pre-loaded with 12-months of ImportGenius.com’s Enterprise service with all our U.S. and Latin American trade databases, a $9,000 value.  For your chance to win, simply help us find interesting importing trends using TradePulse. We’ll pick the most interesting trends shared with us to retweet and on December 1st, we’ll award a ChromeBook with one year of a maxxed-out ImportGenius.com subscription to the most interesting trend.  A few examples of products with interesting seasonal trends include imported containing the terms fireworks, Santa Claus, Halloween.  In fact, we recently expanded our findings on the seasonality of Halloween imports into an article for in Business Insider.  Our hope is that our readers will help us surface the most interesting trends in the importing business. If we use you trend for our next article or blog post, we’ll cite our sources AND throw in a Google Chromebook.  To participate. just head on over to ImportGenius.com/pulse, search for your favorite products, and when you identify an interesting trend, share a link to that page with us through Facebook, twitter or just through plain old email.  * Note: Employees of ImportGenius.com are not eligbilbe for this promotion! Nice try guys!