The ImportGenius database compiling millions of shipping records continues to grow by the hour. After providing full access more than a year ago, clients have been able to search through detailed shipping manifests and customs records from ten countries in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Subscribers can search for both imports and exports in this enormous Latin American data set. This database represents a veritable treasure trove of insights into the trading activities of companies throughout the region.

After launching Latin American data in April 2012, Import Genius added to its database even further with expansions taking place earlier this year. As of March 2013, Import Genius also added imports into the port of Mumbai to its growing list of international trade datasets. This new database from India adds to our already vast database of over 300 million shipping manifests. The new Indian data set consists of all shipments received into the Port of Mumbai, which is responsible for nearly 80% of container traffic that enters the country. Located in the heart of India’s commercial and entertainment districts, along with being home to to India’s major financial institutions, the Port of Mumbai is India’s premiere port for container shipments entering India and is also responsible for more than half of India’s seagoing passengers.

Import Genius subscribers can search the thousands of Indian shipping records for popular Indian products like green tea, coffee, spices, sugar, cocoa and fertilizers.  Import Genius continues to reach new depths and offer unprecedented data to its clients. By the same token, subscribers continue to provide strong feedback on how the data serves their daily needs. “I find that the best feature about Import Genius is the customer service. Although the site is easy to use, it helps to have a team ready to help you, even if that means doing searches for you if you don’t have the time. The site is full of useful information for creating databases of potential clients and suppliers, and to get an understanding of what companies are importing,” according to an executive with a U.S. inter-mediation and brokerage firm.  As Import Genius continues to update its databases with global shipping powers we’ll keep you updated on the latest additions, features and addition dates.