If you’re looking to import a product that sustains a large percentage of the world’s population,  look no further than rice. Consumers of rice span across the globe, with more than half of the 7 billion inhabitants in the world consuming rice regularly according to the International Rice Research Institute. An abundance of information is available online, ranging from the benefits of rice, to how this import can help grow your business. Just take a look at sites like Rice Authority and USA Rice to see the scope of this food crop staple.  In this ‘How to Post’, we’ll give you some direction on how to import rice and how you can leverage Import Genius to your advantage.  In any import endeavor, often your biggest task is finding a supplier. Considering that Asian nations consume 90% of the world’s rice, searching for suppliers in this region may be wise. SmartChinaSourcing can help you locate suppliers in the region and other global suppliers can be found online, through resources like ImportGenius.com, a database containing shipping manifests for every product that enters the U.S. Import Genius has a wealth of information relating to suppliers and country of origin for all imports. You have the the ability to obtain company contact information through a user friendly web based search application.  Rice suppliers must comply with strict regulations established by the FDA so it’s extremely important to take the time to verify that your chosen supplier is one that is in compliance, as this will ensure that your imports meet the proper standards with U.S. customs. Also take the time to make sure that you can develop a relationship with your supplier. You want to find a few that you can trust who will never falter in delivering quality products to you. If you have the means to actually visit your supplier, this is the best method to ensure this is someone you want to work with.  One of the most prominent suppliers of Rice is Ake Rice Mill Co., and is self-identified as ‘the top rice exporters of Thailand’. Using the Import Genius application you can do a simple search for AKE RICE MILL CO. and find that they are one of AMERICAN RICE, INC.’s main suppliers of thai rice. Using the information found in the Import Genius database you can now begin importing rice directly from one of Thailand’s most prominent rice suppliers.  Once you choose a supplier, you can set up payment terms to determine whether you’ll be submitting a down payment, or paying for the goods after receipt. This can be done through a letter of credit from your banking institution. This method often requires more time and paperwork, so if you feel comfortable with a down payment and confident your supplier will follow through with their end of the deal, this might be the way to go. The down payment is usually about 20-30% of the total price of the order.  After that, get a customs broker who can tie all the loose ends as the shipment comes into port. Your broker will compile the necessary paperwork required and can even help you book a transport company to take your goods to your warehouse. Check out USCustomsBrokers.org to search for brokers and see reviews to help making the choice easier.  Happy Importing!!