The internet is a huge resource of information. This is particularly true if you’re trying to get into the importing business. Large and bulky objects such as furniture are ideal for selling over the internet after importing, since you can showcase your merchandise without requiring rent that a storefront does.  In this ‘How to Post’, we’ll give you some direction on how to import granite and how you can leverage Import Genius to your advantage.  The internet has several outlets that allow you to sell your items. These are sites such as Amazon, Google product search, eBay, and Shopzilla, to name a few. When browsing these sites, take notice of the types of furniture you see and the name of the company. Once you’ve identified what type(s) of furniture you’d like to import you can begin your search for an overseas supplier.  Keep in mind that many of these suppliers within the B2B overseas marketplace sell nearly the same products at a fraction of the cost you would pay on the e-commerce portals. Make it your goal to seek out the best financial option between overseas B2B pricing and prices paid on e-commerce sites.  When searching for potential suppliers, look into an account with Import Genius, a searchable database of shipping manifests for importers/exporters all over the globe. The database allows you to find suppliers of furniture and furniture related parts via simple search. Searching for ‘furniture’ in the database allows you to identify suppliers of furniture and related parts like P.P. PARAWOOD CO.,LTD located in Thailand, who ships furniture to American Drew, a La-Z-Boy furniture company. Contact this supplier and you can begin selling similar furniture in no time!  After contacting the supplier/manufacturer and finding reasonable pricing you can secure terms of payment. Many importers prefer a down payment as opposed to obtaining a letter of credit from their bank. Banks charge a fee for this, and importers pay in full in exchange for the letter to be issued directly to the supplier. Once the goods have been received and the importer confirms that the terms of contract have been met, the bank then issues the full payment to the supplier. This method can be more of a hassle. Therefore, many importers will put down about 20-30% of the total when placing their order. As long as you have a reliable manufacturer, you will likely find this to be the easier method.  The remaining payment is made once the goods are loaded onto the ship.  After finishing your order you can start planning for the goods to arrive. Find a customs broker to ensure your documents are complete prior to the loading of the goods on the container. Documents need to be submitted 24 hours in advance per Import Security Filing. The customs broker compiles the commercial invoice, arrival notice, the packing list, bill of lading, and fumigation certificate if required. (Note: this is needed only if your furniture or packing crate contain wood products). Your broker will fulfill paperwork required on your behalf and acquire both the customs bond and customs power of attorney to release your goods. Your broker can also help you find a drayage (trucking) transporter to take your goods from the port to your warehouse.  Happy importing!!