Import Genius has recently included India data in addition to their Latin American and United States databases detailing ocean freight activity extracted from U.S. customs records. The new India database, revealing all shipment activity recorded at India’s Port of Mumbai, has given us key insights into India’s most widely imported products. The database searches import records received since January 14, 2011 through December 31, 2012. During this time period, imports of fresh apples have been extremely prevalent, with nearly 266,000 pounds of apples received in 486 shipments since January 2011.

The adage is that one a day keeps the doctor away, and this is good news for several Indian companies with the largest import volumes over the last few years. Aayush Impex, importers and exporters of fresh produce based in Mumbai, imported over 67,000 pounds of fresh apples over the course of the two year period. Dev Bhumi Cold Chain, a logistics company specializing in cold chain foods, is another company that imported large volumes of fresh apples throughout 2011 and 2012. Dev Bhumi imported close to 24,000 pounds. G.T. Fruitech Pvt. Ltd. also showed significant import activity, receiving shipments containing over 15,000 pounds of fresh apples. An overview of the trade activity for all imports of fresh apples allowed us to identify which companies were importing this fruit on a regular basis.  Top Indian Importers of Apples According to Shipment Volumes  Aayush Impex 115 shipments  Dev Bhumi Cold Chain 64 shipments  G.T. Fruitech Pvt. Ltd. 30 shipments  Yupaa International 26 shipments  Gajumal Mulchand Fruit Pvt. Ltd. 22 shipments  Super Fresh Fruits Pvt. Ltd. 18 shipmentss  Taking a look at the top exporting countries, we found the U.S. export volume far outweighed supplies of fresh apples from any other country. The U.S. exported 278 shipments of apples weighing in at 101,305 pounds. China was the second largest exporter with 93,725 pounds contained in 93 shipments.