By now most of us have all seen the firework displays taking over grocery stores and retail outlets across the states, reminding us that it’s that time of year again.

Firework shows are a symbol of Independence Day tradition and are widely anticipated across the U.S. Macy’s fireworks show in New York ranks among the best in the country. Some other spectacular sights for fireworks include Atlantic City; Addison, Texas; Boston, Washington D.C., Lake Tahoe, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis. Fireworks have also become a symbol of celebration at sporting events, concerts, theme parks, holidays and other cultural events.  While fireworks may have just begun showing themselves on display for sale, the Import Genius pulse tool shows that importers actually receive fireworks a few months before the holiday. As retailers prepare for the upcoming summer festivities, the month of May sees a huge spike in shipments. However, numbers for this year certainly differ from those previous.  In 2011 and 2012, the average number of shipments received in May was 2,400. This year, that number has dwindled down to 1,310 shipments. Imports of fireworks were steady since 2008, and increased annually since 2010. Just over 7,000 shipments were recorded in 2010. Shipments in 2011 jumped to 8,800, and last year’s hall exceeded 9,000 shipments.  Looking into changing trends over the last year, we compared imports of fireworks from January through June 2012 with shipments in 2013 and noticed the

numbers fell.  The same time frame this year is showing a decrease in the number of shipments received through those first two quarters. January through June 2012 imports amounted to over 7,100 shipments while this year’s numbers were just short of 5,000. Still, over 186.5 million pounds of fireworks have been imported into the U.S. this year. Impressive!  It doesn't come as a big surprise that an overwhelming majority of fireworks imported by the U.S. come from China. Fireworks originated in China, and their production of fireworks still surpasses any other region in the world. Over 82% of fireworks imported this year are from China. Asia is the main exporter of fireworks to the US, with 15% of 2013 imports also coming from Hong Kong.  While fireworks are a beloved image in the eyes of Americans, we can’t forget the minuscule negative about them despite their overall glorious appeal. Safety and fireworks don’t exactly go together like spaghetti and meatballs. Data compiled by Statistic Brain indicates that for every 100 pounds of fireworks used, there are 3.5 injuries. It’s estimated that Americans use 60 million pounds of fireworks every year, and about 40 million pounds are purchased for individual use. You can do the math, but that amounts to over 2 million firework-related injuries! Looking on the bright side, the number of deaths caused by fireworks can be counted on just one hand.  Safety first! And enjoy the show! Sources:

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