A Federal court in Wisconsin recently ruled that Import Genius shipping manifest data is admissible in court as an exception to the hearsay rule because our data is widely used by the public.  Our shipping data has offered evidence that the defendant violated a contract with the plaintiff. The plaintiff's attorney shrewdly signed up for ImportGenius.com to access the defendant's shipping history, catching him in what appears to be a lie.  The defendant argued that ImportGenius.com should not be considered a credible source of data, asking the judge to dismiss the case. He even cited some anonymous and obviously false blog comments about us to claim that we were not a trustworthy company.  Now we finally know who's been making all this stuff up!  The judge, however, disagreed with the defendant, holding that Import Genius trade data is admissible in Federal court, citing Ryan Petersen's statement in his decision.  "I just explained to the judge that Import Genius acquires our shipping data legitimately and that the records are a matter of public record," says Ryan.  "Our entire business model depends on providing these data accurately, so we have every incentive to get it right."  We've often been asked by intellectual property and international trade attorneys if our data is admissible in the court proceedings they're involved in. Today we're proud to reaffirm that yes, Import Genius data will hold up in front of a judge.