California’s solar industry is one of the sectors leading the state’s recovery, having grown leaps and bounds over the last few years to reach a critical mass that is having a real and significant impact on the Golden State’s economy. The growing confidence in this industry is belied by LS Power Group’s recent securing of funding for a 170-megawatt solar farm in El Centro from a coalition of international banking partners that includes American, Japanese, Dutch, and German financial giants.  Further evidence of the California solar industry’s health can be found at, a site that monitors imports from abroad, that shows the state has increased the number of solar industry related imports by more than 50% year-over-year. In addition, this represents more than 1000% growth since 2006, an impressive feat considering the economic realities faced over that time.  In addition to large-scale projects such as the El Centro plant, demand is also driven by energy efficiency tax credits, home power generation systems, and big businesses like Walmart, Apple, and Ikea embracing solar technology in California.  Solar technology is a product that has spent years maturing and developing, and it seems that it has finally become cost-effective enough to be a real force in the energy sector. As it continues growing, Import Genius will continue to monitor this industry and bring you all the latest news on it’s importing patterns.