Import Genius has become a favorite tool for skilled investment analysts and asset managers.  By providing near-real-time access to data on the supply chains of thousands of publicly traded companies, we provide investors with detailed insights into the health of a company's business. Subscribers to our service view unfolding trends to understand whether a company's various imported product lines are growing, or declining.  Companies are required by the SEC to report their returns on a quarterly basis, but the Import Genius database is updated weekly with new shipping data from the previous week. This means as a subscriber, you'll get access to ongoing reports on the health of a company before most other players in the market. Because shipping and transportation data has long been considered a leading economic indicator, access to our data can help you identify trends and new developments before they are recognized by the wider public.  Joshua Kennon,'s guide to investing, recently wrote an insightful piece about how ordinary investors can use Import Genius to generate profitable trading ideas.  Although a variety of hedge funds and institutional investors already use our database to support their analysis and develop trades, we believe there is still considerable room for smaller investors to enhance their trading returns with our tools.  For more information on our services, please visit the video tour on our site, or give us a call at 888-843-0272.